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Episode 194: ”Top 10 Pre-Pepper Paul Tracks” 2Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

We decided to tackle some Beatle era Paul for this week's show. As news was slow last week (we recorded this before the book announcement) we felt that discussing some Beatle Paul songs was a fresh idea. With a caveat. Paul's Beatles tracks from 1967 and on are so richly (and deservedly) celebrated, this week we name our Top 10 Pre-Pepper Paul songs between 1962 and 1966. This can include covers as well. We left out a few "biggies" and also included some you probably wouldn't have included. As Tom mentioned "It's our list. As of now." Ours and I'm sure yours is always subject to change. What's Your Top 10 Pre-Pepper Paul? We will likely do a "Blue Album" version of this in the near future. 🙂 Happy Weekend 2Legs Faithful
  1. Episode 194: ”Top 10 Pre-Pepper Paul Tracks”
  2. Bonus Episode: ”1964: Eyes Of The Storm” (New Book Annoucement)
  3. Episode 193: ”The Album Game”
  4. Episode 192: ”The McCartney Legacy” (Review)
  5. Audio Archives: ”Pipes of Peace”(December 1983 Interview)
  6. Ranking The Tracks Volume 27! (McCartney III, 2020)
  7. Episode 191: 2022 Year In Review
  8. Episode 190: ”Best Friend” (Part 4, with Antony Rotunno)
  9. Episode 189: Luca Perasi (7” Inch Singles/New Book)
  10. Episode 188: ”The McCartney Legacy, Volume 1 1969-73 (Kozinn & Sinclair)

Video Versions

Antony Rotunno (Glass Onion Podcast) joins us for Part II of the 70s relationship between Lennon & McCartney as portrayed through the media.
Ranking the non album 80s tracks/singles/b-sides
Tom and Andy are joined by Tom Brennan (Collector) to talk Macca Bootlegs
Episode 16: Flowers In The Dirt
March 2021 Preview!
Ranking “Press To Play”
5 Songs Paul Gave Away that weren’t smash hits. Why?
Author Paul Salley joined us to discuss his forthcoming book on Jimmy McCulloch
Ranking The Tracks Volume 14, Give My Regards To Broad Street!
It’s that time of year… we revisited Paul’s standards album “Kisses On The Bottom” nearly a decade after it’s release.
Ranking The Tracks Volume 13, Pipes Of Peace
Tom & Andy dish on Super Bowl LV
Musician Gabe Dixon (Piano/Organ/Keys) “Driving Rain” joined us!
Ranking The Tracks Volume 12, Tug Of War
February 2021 Update
Ranking The Tracks Volume 11, McCartney II
McCartney III Collecting Madness!
Ranking The Tracks Volume 10, The Non Album Tracks 70s
Red Square Film Review
Ranking The Tracks Volume 9, Back To The Egg
Our first show of 2021! Friend/Musician Dylan Sevey joins us for a chat on Macca Instrumentals
Ranking The Tracks Volume 8, London Town
2020 Year In Review
Ranking The Tracks Volume 7, Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Our Review of McCartney III with Author Luca Perasi
Ranking The Tracks Volume 6, Venus and Mars
Episode 113: Antony Rotuno (Glass Onion Podcast) joins us for the first part of the Lennon-McCartney war of words between 1970-71.
Our initial reaction to 3
Ranking The Tracks Volume 5, Band On The Run
Ranking The Tracks Volume 4, Red Rose Speedway
1992 MTV Up Close Concert; Friends Recall the 1992 show in NYC
Rank The Tracks Volume III! Wild Life!
Rank The Tracks Volume II! RAM!
Ethan Alexanian joins us to discuss 2013’s NEW”
Adrian Allan joins us to discuss his upcoming book “Wings Live!”
Journalist Eoghan Lyng joins Tom and Andy to discuss Eric Stewart
Ed Chen joins Tom and Andy for a talk on Memory Almost Full
Tom and Andy discuss the 2001 Film & Album Compilation “Wingspan”
Off The Ground Co-Producer Julian Mendelsohn!
2Legs Episode 100!
Joe Wiseby @BooksBeatles Podcast
Chris Salewicz joins us to discuss his 1986 Q Interview
90s B Sides
Dan Ealey tells all about his encounter with Wings in the summer of 1974
Dale Pantz (Facebook Club Sandwich Page) discusses the origins of the fanzine
Drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel; Press To Play) joins us for a lively chat!
We discuss the aborted 1972 film.
Our first installment of “Rank The Tracks!”
Drummer Dave Mattacks (Tug Of War; Fairport Convention)
Tom and Andy discuss more October McCartney III madness and take questions on a live session on YouTube!
McCartney III is announced! Tom and Andy host a special YouTube live epsiode!
Laurence Juber himself on 2Legs!
Things We Said Today/2Legs Crossover Part 2!
MeanMrMayo of YouTube fame joins us on “Off The Ground”
Ted Montgomery joins us again!
Tom and Andy review the Flaming Pie Archive Box
Tony Traguardo joins us for a talk on Elvis Costello
Ian Peel joins us for a chat on his book “The Unknown McCartney”

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